March 20, 2018

Delainne Bond: When Catastrophe Occurs, Communication is Key

Catastrophic workplace injuries present far-reaching complexities that go beyond severity of injury, making these cases at-risk for claim derailment. These are among the most serious and complicated workers’ comp cases involving diagnoses such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, crush injuries and amputation, burns (2nd and 3rd degree) and multiple trauma. When a critical injury occurs, the impact often has a domino effect on…[Continue Reading]

Bill Donnell: Adapting to Changing Environment Key to Workers’ Compensation Success

Bill Donnell

Do you remember the days when you had to make a trip to Blockbuster to rent a movie? Most kids now have no idea of that concept, thanks to streaming services like Netflix. Did you know that Blockbuster had the opportunity to partner with Netflix? But it turned the offer down. At the time, Blockbuster was at the top of its game with thousands of locations and millions of…[Continue Reading]

Teresa Williams: Taking Control of Home Modifications

Teresa Williams

Home modifications can mean the difference between an injured worker living safely at home among familiar surroundings and staying in a hospital, rehabilitation center or skilled nursing facility. They create a safe environment for the injured worker and the family and help seriously injured people achieve greater mobility and independence. A wheelchair-accessible bathroom can make…[Continue Reading]

Deborah Watkins: Leveraging Technology to Recruit Talent

Deborah Watkins

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 50 percent of the insurance industry workforce is older than 45. The past 10 years have seen the greying of the industry accelerate at a remarkable pace with the number of employees aged 55 and older increasing by 74 percent. Today, the number of insurance workers aged 55 and older is nearly 30 percent higher than…[Continue Reading]

Deborah Watkins: Survey Says! 92% of Companies Lack Confidence Adjusters Can Manage MSP Compliance

Deborah Watkins

Are you concerned about adjusters having the necessary knowledge and skills to properly manage Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance? You are not alone! The time for a data-driven, analytic-powered approach to compliance is now. Today’s industry leaders and early adopters have already begun embracing this method. An analytic-powered approach uses…[Continue Reading]

Dr. Teresa Bartlett: Telemedicine Offers Injured Workers a New Care Alternative

Dr. Teresa Bartlett

Although telemedicine has been around for more than 50 years, the explosion in technology, the expanded interconnectivity, the social acceptance of video chat as a part of everyday living, and the continuing need to remove barriers to healthcare access have accelerated interest in telemedicine as a medical delivery platform. While there are various facets to…[Continue Reading]

Dr. Teresa Bartlett: Telemedicine Offers Virtual Patient Care

Dr. Teresa Bartlett

Telemedicine is on the rise. It has been found to be a convenient, effective healthcare delivery mechanism capable of producing positive outcomes for patients. With the advancement of technology, increasing consumer demands, and projected shortage of physicians in some areas, telemedicine’s expanded use and increasing popularity can be expected to continue…[Continue Reading]

Dr. Robert Hall: 21 Questions to Consider for Home Health Services for Workers’ Comp Populations

Dr Robert Hall

Home health services are an important bridge between an acute injury (or medical condition) requiring continued medical treatment and/or functional assistance and the time when the patient’s care needs can be met either independently or by family members in the home environment. In order for home health services to provide focused and medically necessary care…[Continue Reading]

Dr. Robert Hall: Anoxic Brain Injury: An Underreported and Oftentimes Overlooked Consequence of Overdose

Dr Robert Hall

A few weeks back, a new patient of mine was accompanied into the examination room by his daughter. Although he was in his mid-50’s, he needed a significant amount of assistance due to decreased balance and unsteady walking. The reason for the referral was to evaluate the cause of his right shoulder and neck pain and hand numbness, which were ultimately found…[Continue Reading]

Michael Gavin: Behavioral Health: Bet or Investment?

Michael Gavin

When I was seven years old, I bet my uncle $20 that the New England Patriots would beat the Philadelphia Eagles in a regular season, just-another-Sunday matchup. I lost. And perhaps in an effort to warn me off of any future gambling proclivities, he demanded payment. In full. That day marked the beginning of my education in the many differences between “betting” and “investing”…[Continue Reading]

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