April 19, 2018

Matching the Right Person to the Right Job

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Josh is the newest employee to join your team as a general laborer and so far, has been a great new hire. He works efficiently and gets tasks done in a timely manner. One day, Josh comes into work, starts his daily routine and pulls a muscle in his back while moving a load of boxes. He is now unable to work and starts down the path of filing a workers’ compensation claim. Sound familiar? [Continue Reading]

Diversity Training: How to Handle LGBTQ Issues with Cultural Sensitivity


Cultural competency has gained a stronger foothold in health care over the past decade. Still, while strategies to provide care without bias have helped reduce disparities among minority populations, the same can’t be said for those in the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) community. Lack of trust between patient and provider can have a significant impact in workers’ comp. Statistics from the Institute of Medicine…[Continue Reading]

Are You a Leader or a Laggard in Quality IME Practices?


In workers’ compensation, the independent medical examination (IME) serves as a powerful tool to help claims professionals make difficult determinations, regarding the cause of an injury, appropriate treatment, impairment and disability, as well as return-to-work issues. To make these determinations accurately, the industry needs a quality IME process that preserves the original intent of these exams – which is to obtain…[Continue Reading]

Navigating 2018: Charting Risk and Benefits Industry Trends For the Year

Sedgwick Navigating 2018

What trends should employers watch to stay ahead of the curve in 2018? Issues and strategies to navigate include: compounding global risks, shifting tide of policy, bridging the gaps, leveraging interdisciplinary care, and improving experience through technology. At Sedgwick, taking care of our clients and their employees and customers is very important to us. We recognize that 2018 will be a year of change in…[Continue Reading]

Driving On-Demand Connections to Care

One Call

As patient-centric technology becomes more mainstream, providing flexible, on-demand access to healthcare remains a top priority at One Call. Injured workers demand real-time connections to care, improved patient engagement and quicker outcomes. One Call is taking the driver’s seat in the workers’ compensation industry, changing the landscape…[Continue Reading]

The Ridesharing Safety Zone

One Call

What if you had the ability to schedule non-emergent, on demand transportation for your patients? What if you could have more transparency, and provide increased safety with better wait times to and from appointments? Relay Transportation, a web-based application augmented by One Call’s propriety network and customer contact center…[Continue Reading]

The Opioid Pipeline: Why Opioid Management Is More Important Than Ever


By the latest CDC tally, the year 2015 saw more than 33,000 opioid overdose deaths, two-thirds of which were attributed to prescription opioids. More than ever these statistics crystalize the need to explore and develop alternative chronic pain therapies. However pharmaceutical companies continue to invest in the development of new opioid products…[Continue Reading]

A New Approach to Healthcare is on the Horizon


Imagine having a single resource for all of your questions related to medical treatment and billing, workers’ compensation and disability claims, and leave of absence concerns. Health assistants soon will fill this new role as a part of employee benefit programs. Employees participating in their employer’s plan will be assigned an assistant…[Continue Reading]

OSHA Reporting Requirements Are Changing – Are You Ready?


Meeting regulatory requirements for OSHA recordkeeping can be a significant challenge for workers’ compensation teams. With the release of OSHA’s Final Rule on electronic reporting, centralized recordkeeping becomes a key strategy for employers to meet their new obligations. Is your workers’ compensation team ready for this…[Continue Reading]

Insights for 2017


2017 is here and poised to challenge and change our industry in many ways. Key areas in the spotlight for the coming year include good health empowerments, regulation transformations, consumer-centric progressions, risk circumventions and tech modernisms. I think we can all agree technological advances are moving at an…[Continue Reading]

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