May 15, 2018

NCCI Releases New Court Case Update Report

Boca Raton, FL – NCCI recently announced the launch of the first edition of its Court Case Update report, which provides a look at some of the cases and decisions being monitored by NCCI’s Legal Division, that may impact and shape the future of workers compensation across the states.

There have been many court challenges to various aspects of state workers compensation systems throughout the years. Contesting the legality of workers compensation laws goes back more than a century, to the inception of the system. In the early 1900s, when states were starting to adopt workers compensation, the laws in several states were struck down as unconstitutional. Nonetheless, workers compensation continued to be enacted across the states. As more states adopted the laws, court cases challenging various aspects of the system followed.

Key Issues Examined in this issue include:

  • Court Challenges to the AMA Guides
  • Developments in Marijuana
  • Air Ambulance Reimbursement: State v. Federal Law
  • Attorney Fee Challenges
  • Other State Developments

Click here for the full report: NCCI: Court Case Update Report – January 2018

Source: NCCI

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