April 20, 2018

MedRisk Releases 2017 Industry Trends Report

King of Prussia, PA – MedRisk has released its 2017 Industry Trends Report featuring the latest research on evidence-based physical therapy treatment and jurisdictional updates affecting musculoskeletal care in workers’ compensation.

“Our commitment to delivering optimal return-to-work outcomes keeps us focused on evidence-based research, industry trends and legislative updates,” said Chief Clinical and Product Officer Mary O’Donoghue. “This report highlights meaningful changes we’ve seen in workers’ comp this year as we continue to serve our customers, patients and providers.”

MedRisk, which manages approximately 500,000 physical medicine cases in workers’ compensation a year, has analyzed treatment data for more than 20 years. Combining internal analysis with external research, the infographic-style report highlights significant industry trends that suggest that evidence-based research recommendations are being adopted.

The past five years have brought a move toward conservative care, including physical therapy, with 34 percent fewer surgical cases for low back pain. The opioid epidemic has prompted the medical community to use alternate therapies, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now considers physical therapy the preferred first treatment for chronic pain. Additionally, acupuncture has been shown to reduce the severity of low back pain, and MedRisk now has more than 1,400 acupuncture providers in its national network.

There has also been a 29 percent reduction in post-op care due to pre-op education, often delivered by physical therapists. MedRisk supports this through written materials, convenient scheduling and addressing psychosocial issues. The report also highlights legislative and regulatory developments, including those impacting telemedicine.

The report is available at https://goo.gl/egL2AM

Source: MedRisk/King Knight

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