April 19, 2018

CLARA analytics Unveils Network Analysis Solution to Incorporate Case-Mix Adjusted Scoring into Network Stacks

Santa Clara, CA – CLARA analytics recently unveiled its latest product, Network Optimizer, at the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference (NWCDC). Network Optimizer is an industry-first network analysis solution that incorporates case-mix adjusted scoring into a claims professional’s view of the network stack. This enables claims teams to instantly view physician scores while alerting them to quality, available doctors in a given specialty and closest geographical location to the injured worker. Network Optimizer is part of a new CLARA analytics modular product suite that allows companies of all sizes to effectively and cost-efficiently provide access to better care.

“Customers who fully utilize outcomes-based physician scores routinely see a 10 percent reduction in claims costs, not to mention happier workers,” said Gregory Moore, chief commercial officer at CLARA analytics. “Network Optimizer makes it easier than ever for claims professionals to not only view physicians’ scores but also fully utilize their networks to ensure that workers are properly covered and have access to the best doctors near them in their specialty.”

Network Optimizer helps claims professionals fully utilize physicians’ scoring within networks because it is embedded in the solution. This gives claims professionals the ability to view multiple PPO stacks and custom networks across any number of jurisdictions. They can further narrow down results by physician specialty and doctors’ quality ratings within those specific coverage areas. Network Optimizer provides critical information by quickly and easily identifying the best available doctors within the policyholder’s location. The tool enables providers to maximize coverage while connecting injured workers to quality care.

Additionally, reports generated by Network Optimizer are easy to share. Companies can visualize the size and scope of the coverage area, which doctors are in-network, what their scores are and where they are located. This information can be loaded into a comprehensive report with just a few clicks, substantially streamlining intricate and sophisticated data analysis for the everyday user. Network operators can also utilize the Network Optimizer tool set to modify existing network coverage to ensure that enough quality doctors within any given specialty are located across jurisdictions.

Network Optimizer is a natural extension of CLARA analytics’ latest product suite, which offers robust modular solutions for providers, claims and networks. Solutions are available via monthly subscription, which enables any company, regardless of size, to take advantage of its industry-leading technology, simplifying claims, reducing costs and providing access to better care so that injured workers can return to the job faster.

Source: CLARA analytics

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