March 15, 2018

WorkCompRecap: Telerehabilitation & Telerelaxation!

Today’s issue of WorkCompRecap features MedRisk’s release of a new white paper on that examines physical therapy in the age of telemedicine, and examines its practial applications for workers’ comp.

“Telerehabilitation & the Injured Worker: A Practical Guide” examines the use of telerehabilitation for musculoskeletal injuries, and how video conferencing, virtual home-exercise supervision and remote patient monitoring can be used to supplement traditional in-clinic care. Such approaches can be very helpful for injured workers who live in rural areas, need a specialist or bilingual PT, or who travel frequently for work. The white paper also addresses how to determine whether someone is a good candidate for telerehabilitation, and also presents recent research results on the associated outcomes.

Find out more by clicking here!

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