March 15, 2018

WorkCompRecap: Spines & Stress!

Today’s issue of WorkCompRecap features some interesting news from the TDI-DWC, which is seeking input on the development of a Plan-Based Audit for Lumbar Spine MRIs to evaluate the appropriateness of a doctor’s decision and recordkeeping that supports the ordering of lumbar spine MRIs prior to one month of conservative therapy.

The DWC noted that ODG does not recommend MRI for uncomplicated low back pain, with radiculopathy, until after at least one month of conservative therapy unless symptoms of a severe or progressive neurologic deficit were present, and the audit will examine Lumbar spine MRIs (with, without, and without contrast followed by contrast) performed prior to 30 days from the date of injury in a period from mid 2015- mid 2017, excluding those on patients with prior back surgery, or those performed in emergency rooms or inpatient hospital stays.

Find out more by clicking here!

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