March 19, 2018

Ametros Announces Partnership with Kura MD to Offer Telehealth Services

Wilmington, MA – Ametros recently announced their partnership with Kura MD to offer online telehealth services to expedite access to medical care for workers’ compensation injuries. As part of its CareGuard professional administration service, Ametros is now offering its members the opportunity to virtually consult with a physician via a secure video consultation from a Smart Phone. Tablet or PC without having to leave their homes.

Kura’s services are designed to provide 24/7, 365 days a year access to a physician if members are unable to see their primary care physician, if it is after hours or on the weekend, if they are travelling and need a consultation, or any other immediate need to be seen by a physician.

Starting October 2nd current members will be able to connect with a telemedicine physician who can diagnose, provide treatment advice and prescribe non-controlled medications. Members can connect directly from their CareGuard member portal at or by calling 855-475-9330, via a secure video consultation from a Smart Phone. Tablet or PC.

“We’re very excited to begin offering telehealth services to our members,” says Ametros’ President Porter Leslie. “These virtual consultations are inexpensive and allow members to speak to a physician without travelling, saving money and time. Our goal at Ametros is to provide our members with the most convenient options to make their lives easier after settlement. Our new telehealth service aims to do just that.”

CEO and Founder, Kevin Hamm stated, “At Kura MD, we are focused on leveraging our depth of industry expertise and powerful technology platform to improve access to quality care, streamline processes and significantly lower costs across the workers’ compensation care continuum. We are pleased to partner with Ametros’ CareGuard service to now extend our services to the management of settlement accounts.”

Source: Ametros

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