June 12, 2018

Workers’ Comp Rate Decrease for Ohio Local Governments Approved

Columbus, OH – Ohio public employers will pay an average of 6.1 percent less in workers’ compensation premiums beginning Jan. 1. The cut will decrease the amount the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) collects from these employers by $11.8 million next year.

BWC’s Board of Directors recently voted to accept Administrator/CEO Sarah Morrison’s recommendation to lower rates for Ohio’s 3,700 school districts, cities, counties and other public entities covered by the State Insurance Fund.

“This latest reduction shows our continued commitment to help employers succeed by keeping their rates as low and fair as possible,” said Morrison. “We know the less they spend on premiums, the more they can invest in their communities and into safer work environments for their employees.”

The 6.1 percent reduction represents the average decrease for public employer taxing districts statewide. Actual premium changes for individual public entities will differ based on several factors, including their manual classification, recent claims history and participation in various BWC programs.

Source: Ohio BWC

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