March 18, 2018

WorkCompRecap: What to Watch!

Today’s issue of WorkCompRecap features WCRI’s announcement of its webinar this Thursday on its latest research on interstate variations and trends in the prescribing of opioids for workplace injuries. WCRI noted that their research shows that for more-severely injured workers who received pain medication, over 70% received opioids in the majority of study states.

Key topics to be covered include the frequency and quantity with which opioids were dispensed to injured workers in 26 states’ workers’ comp systems, and which states had higher or lower opioid prescribing; states that have seen significant changes in opioid prescribing; the prevalence of longer-term dispensing of opioids; and how frequently drug testing and other guideline-recommended services were used among the populations who received opioids on a longer-term basis. The webinar is scheduled for this Thursday at 2pm ET.

Find out more by clicking here!

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