September 20, 2017

WorkCompRecap: Lifesaving & Long-Term!

Today’s issue of WorkCompRecap features some amazing workplace heroes and heroines who are be honored today during the Washington Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health Conference in Tacoma for their life-saving efforts. All of the honorees were engaged in their normal…[Continue Reading]

CompLinks: 9/20/17

CompLinks are a daily set of pertinent links that we believe will be of interest to our readers. How a Paradigm Case Manager Helped an Injured Worker Beat Chronic Pain – Part 3 Outlook on Outcomes Automation Designed To Keep People Safe Can Produce The Opposite Result WC Insider Iowa Workers’ Comp Rate to Drop in 2018; Debate… [Continue Reading]

Lifesaving Heroes Honored at WA Governor’s Industrial Safety & Health Conference

Tumwater, WA – Saving a drowning child from Lake Washington was all in a day’s work for three construction workers. Other people rescued critically injured victims from car wrecks, provided first aid, administered CPR or performed the Heimlich maneuver while on the job. They’re among the 27 workplace heroes and heroines who will be honored during the Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health Conference in Tacoma for their life-saving efforts. They’re currently featured guests at the conference at…[Continue Reading]

DE Company Completes 30 Years with Workplace Safety Program

Dover, DE – Delaware Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro recently congratulated Mohawk Electrical Systems, Inc. for being the first business in Delaware to complete 30 consecutive years in the Workplace Safety Program. On September 19th at 1pm, the commissioner will personally present Mohawk Electrical Systems President Scott Welch with a certificate commemorating their participation. Commissioner Navarro said “We are excited to visit Scott Welch, President of Mohawk and his team. I applaud his…[Continue Reading]

Erin N. Fox Returns to NE Workers’ Comp Court as General Counsel

Lincoln, NE – The Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court recently welcomed back Erin N. Fox, who has rejoined the Court as General Counsel effective September 13. Fox previously worked for the court as a staff attorney from 2006-2011, as a law clerk from 2004-2006, and as a judicial assistant from 2002-2003. Since leaving the court in 2011, Fox has been working as an attorney in the private practice and as a realtor. Fox earned her Juris Doctor degree, with distinction from the University of Nebraska College of Law…[Continue Reading]

TDI-DWC Austin Office Moves to New Location October 23

Austin, TX – The Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation Austin office opens at its new location October 23. All proceedings, including benefit review conferences, contested case hearings, and appointments with the Office of Injured Employee Counsel will be at the new location starting October 23. The old location, 4616 W. Howard Lane, will continue to serve system participants through October 20. If you are an injured employee or workers’ compensation system participant…[Continue Reading]

A New Leader Speaks!

In today’s issue of WorkCompRecap we announce a new leader, and the publishing of their new post in WorkCompWire’s exclusive “Leaders Speak” section, which features leaders from the Workers’ Compensation Industry, and focuses on issues that are timely, relevant, and thought provoking. Are you ready?? [Continue Reading]

CompLinks: 9/19/17

CompLinks are a daily set of pertinent links that we believe will be of interest to our readers. My Opioid Experiment The Rx Professor Opioid infographic illustrates BWC’s success, pharmacy leadership Ohio BWC Blog Maine Supreme Court Weighs Issue of Medical Marijuana and Workers’ Comp Insurance Journal Editor’s Note: These links lead to outside news sources. We… [Continue Reading]

Mark Walls: The Myth of Predictive Analytics

Mark Walls 2017

The use of predictive analytics on workers’ compensation claims has been a hot topic for several years. Companies tout that their predictive analytics can reduce claims costs in many different areas. I have even seen published studies talking about the costs savings achieved with claims-related predictive analytics. There is just one problem with all of these discussions. They are all a myth…[Continue Reading]

SAIF Honors Safe TV Workplaces with First Annual “Safetys”

Salem, OR – With award season heating up, many are focusing on the tremendous achievements in television this year. But, while the acting, writing, and directing all set the gold standard, there’s one thing SAIF employees can’t help but notice. “At SAIF we love safety and risk management–in fact, we see hazards everywhere we go,” said Ben McCormack, senior safety management consultant at SAIF. “Even when we’re watching our favorite TV shows, we can’t help but notice a few areas…[Continue Reading]

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