March 21, 2018

Coventry Releases Part 3 of 2016 First Script Drug Trends Report Series

Downers Grove, IL – Coventry recently announced the release of the third part of its 2016 Drug Trends Series, which is based on all calendar year transactions billed through its PBM Program, First Script, as well as transactions from medical bill review to reflect the total pharmacy experience for their client base.

When releasing part one (PDF) and two (pdf), Coventry noted that they are continuing to present data for traditional, managed, and unmanaged views; however, they are now sharing the information in shorter, more-condensed pieces delivered every few weeks vs. one large manuscript.

This third piece in the series focuses on opioids and compound drugs. These two therapeutic classes are frequently discussed in workers’ comp as opioids are prescribed to treat pain associated with injuries and compounds have been growing in popularity with physician dispensers.

Items shared in this edition included aggregate opioid and compound information which includes all drugs; and it also breaks out the results for comparison into the managed and unmanaged views.

Key trends from this piece included:

  • Aggregate prescription cost per claim, including both managed and unmanaged script usage, decreased 8.4%
  • Opioid costs and utilization dropped significantly
    • A 10.7% drop in utilization drove a 10.7% decrease in cost per claim.
    • Opioids represented a smaller share of overall cost and utilization, declining 1.2% points and nearly 1% point,respectively.
  • Although opioid trends have shown marked improvement for both the managed and unmanaged settings, differences in claim age and severity of injury have driven trends in opioid utilization, costs, and drug mix
  • Utilization of compound medications continued to fall with the greatest impact occurring in the managed setting

View Part 3 here: Coventry 2016 First Script Drug Trends Report Series, Part 3 (PDF)

View Part 2 here: Coventry 2016 First Script Drug Trends Report Series, Part 2 (PDF)

View Part 1 here: Coventry 2016 First Script Drug Trends Report Series, Part 1 (PDF)

Source: Coventry

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