March 15, 2018

WorkCompRecap: Frauds & Freebies!

Today’s issue of WorkCompRecap features some major enforcement news with the announcement from the US Attorney General’s Office that two officials with Team Work Ready (TWR) have been ordered to federal prison for conspiracy, health care fraud, wire fraud and money laundering.

According to the USAO, Team Work Ready’s CFO, VP of operations and others participated in a fraudulent scheme to submit approximately $9 million in false claims to the DOL’s Office of Workers’ Comp Programs (OWCP) for healthcare services not provided to federal workers, including falsely and fraudulently filing claims for skilled one-on-one physical therapy services provided by a licensed chiropractor that were often either performed by unlicensed or untrained aides, or not at all, as patients exercised independently in another room on devices like ellipticals, bicycles or treadmills (for example when the injury was just to a single elbow). The CFO and VP of operations received 120- and 300-month prison terms, and each owes restitution of over $13M and over $14M respectively.

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