May 26, 2018

Unify Health Services and Consumer Health Connections Partner on Teletherapy

Jacksonville, FL – Unify Health Services, LLC recently announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Consumer Health Connections (CHC) to deliver teletherapy and telepresence services nationwide. Unify noted that workforce solutions not only reduce claims costs but more importantly reverse both occupational and non-occupational claims trends. According to the American Medical Association, 70% of all healthcare visits could be done virtually. This telehealth model provides a vehicle for exceptional patient care and early compensability determination.

One of their focuses will be on providing Telepresence solutions for employers who seek a more cost effective and efficient means of delivering alternative care options and communication for their injured workers. Today, over $1.27B dollars is spent every week on direct work comp costs alone. Indirect costs can triple those numbers. These solutions are of greatest benefit to those who are unable to consistently attend local therapy clinics for ongoing treatment or have other obstacles that may impact recovery through unpreventable delays. Both companies recognize the growing need of intervention to traveling employees, executives, sales personnel, transportation and offshore industry employees, remote communities, and many other workers who simply cannot miss significant time away from work to attend treatment. Jill Allen, President/CEO of CHC stated, “We are thrilled to enter into a strategic partnership with Unify Health Services. I have been impressed with their team as they are a forward-thinking organization, embracing innovation to better serve their client’s needs.”

“As workers’ compensation claims continue to financially impact employers and the employees, Unify Health Services has implemented this alternative telepresence care program to resolve rising claims costs,” states Unify Health Services President, Kelly Ingram-Mitchell. “We are pleased to be one of the first to market our comprehensive end-to-end solution dedicated to therapeutic related services using CHC’s cutting edge tele-platform technology. Simply no other platform compares.”

There will be a multitude of telepresence services offered, which include Early Intervention and Tele-Triage to reduce recordables and enhance reporting capabilities to prevent MSD claims occurrence. Additional uses include return to work and ergonomic coaching and demonstrations, pre-operative education, post-operative monitoring, progressive movement observation, home exercise training and confirmation, and MMI tele-visit communication. These tele-programs offer immediate support from professional liaisons, which can reduce the need for attorney intervention or employer questions about progress and current status. Indirect employer costs that include transportation or mileage, missed time from work, searching for local providers, missed appointments that delay recovery are also consequently resolved through these interventions. Industry experts estimate that by 2018, 80 percent of employers will be offering a telehealth benefit to their employees.

Source: Unify Health Services

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