April 20, 2018

LWCC Board Declares $90.6 Million Policyholder Dividend

Baton Rouge, LA – LWCC’s board of directors recently declared a 2016 dividend of $90.6 million. The amount was distributed to over 20,000 policyholders in April 2017. This is the 14th consecutive year LWCC has issued a policyholder dividend, bringing the cumulative total returned to more than $576 million. Individual dividend awards are based on a calculation that takes into account policyholders’ premium and longevity with LWCC.

“We partner with Louisiana agents who work hard for our policyholders and their employees,” said LWCC President and CEO Kristin W. Wall. “Our success could not have been achieved without these key partnerships with our valued agents and policyholders. We are pleased to reward our policyholders and appreciate their continued trust in LWCC to provide quality services to meet their workers’ compensation needs.”

Louisiana has continued to make great strides in safety, and in fact has been recently recognized as the safest state in the country, only behind Washington D.C., in terms of safety and on-the-job injuries, according to a federal Bureau of Labor Statistics survey. Wall stated, “This remarkable safety ranking is due to an unwavering focus on accident prevention by Louisiana’s employers, workers and independent agents across the state. Fewer accidents mean more workers come home safely to their families each day, and fewer accidents have also contributed to lower rates and the return of dividends to Louisiana employers.”

LWCC Board Chairman Jim Hall stated, “We were created for Louisiana workers and businesses. Our vision and mission remain the same today as it did 25 years ago. We are committed to promoting workplace safety, prompt healing of the injured and economic stability. This dividend is a result of that continued commitment and LWCC’s commitment to supporting Louisiana.”

Source: LWCC

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