May 26, 2018

Adva-Net Adds to Offerings with Air Ambulance and other Ancillary Services

Lakewood Ranch, FL – Adva-Net, a Post-Acute Care and Addiction Recovery Network Program for workers’ compensation, recently announced the addition of an Air Ambulance Program. It noted that the new program goes hand-in-hand with Adva-Net’s other network cost containment solutions for clients’ high-dollar service needs, both prospectively and retrospectively.

“Clients’ costs are escalating in medical transportation with few controls and high out-of- network spend” says Adva-Net’s President and CEO, Dr. Ken Hannigan. “Adva-Net offers immediate bottom-line savings averaging 20% below fee schedule or U & C allowance.” Adva-Net also aims to alleviate administrative hassles from beginning to end with its Air Ambulance Care Coordinators. Adva-Net offers enhanced communications and concierge service that manages the transportation and provides appropriate flight staff and clinicians from bedside to bedside, which is expected to result in lower costs, better patient/payor experience and improved quality of care.

Adva-Net noted that as part of our Pain Management and Addiction Recovery Networks, it also offers a variety of other ancillary services. Those services include drug utilization urine testing, genetic screening for drug metabolism and dependency, addiction treatment and electro-diagnostic testing. The services are also managed by Care Coordinators who work with the patients, providers and payors to ensure the needs of all parties are met.

Source: Adva-Net

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