June 12, 2018

WorkCompRecap: Minding Marijuana!

Today’s issue of WorkCompRecap features some interesting insight from One Call Care Management’s Kevin Glennon, who recently gave a presentation on what Case Managers need to know regarding medical marijuana as support for it as an alternative to opioid pain meds grows.

Glennon noted that a recent study found that three out of every four injured workers are prescribed opioid medications for pain management, and with over 15,000 people in the general population dying each year from painkiller overdoses, it’s important to take note of small scale studies that are starting to show marijuana’s effectiveness in treating chronic and neuropathic pain, and that some publications report that in states where medical marijuana is legal, patients are choosing it over opioids. While there remain significant challenges for injured workers to access medical marijuana within the workers’ comp system, state legislatures may be approaching a tipping point on the broader issue – 16 more states have introduced medical marijuana legislation this year.

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