March 20, 2018

Coventry Releases Part 1 of 2016 First Script Drug Trends Report Series

Downers Grove, IL – Coventry recently announced the release of the first part of its 2016 Drug Trends Series, which is based on all calendar year transactions billed through its PBM Program, First Script, as well as transactions from medical bill review to reflect the total pharmacy experience for their client base.

This year, Coventry noted that they are continuing to present data for traditional, managed, and unmanaged views; however, they will be sharing the information in shorter, more-condensed pieces delivered every few weeks vs. one large manuscript.

This first piece in the series focuses on the Traditional View, which includes First Script retail and mail-order prescription data and accounts for 67.9% of the total pharmacy transactions and 70.1% of the paid amounts. This view is meant to be a benchmark to traditional industry reports as well
as First Script’s historical reporting.

Non-traditional channels can include physician dispensing, repackaging, third-party billers, compounding and specialty pharmacies.

Key trends from this view included:

  • The traditional view, including First Script retail and mail-order prescriptions only, represented 67.9% of the total pharmacy transactions and 70.1% of paid amounts
  • Overall prescription cost per claim decreased 5.8% between 2015 and 2016
  • Average Wholesale Price (AWP) trended up 5.9% overall in 2016
  • Opioids continue to trend favorably with an 8.5% drop in utilization and a 9.9% decline in cost per claim
  • Average Morphine Equivalent Dose (MED) per script decreased 5.6%
  • Compound drug costs per claim declined 55%

View the first part of the Series here: Coventry: 2016 First Script Drug Trends Series, Part 1 (PDF)

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