June 19, 2018

CA Anticipates Delay to MTUS Formulary Implementation; Getting it Done Right vs Fast

San Francsico, CA – In a measure of wisdom and prudence, leadership with the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) confirmed in a recent discussion with Optum that they anticipate a delay in the implementation of the formulary until January 1, 2018.

The anticipated delay is deliberate and serves to allow time for stakeholders to program the necessary changes, as well as provides California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) leadership time to educate physicians and injured workers on how the formulary is intended to work.

Stakeholders anticipate some changes to the rule. Such changes would initiate another 15-day public comment period and require time for the DWC to review and analyze those comments before submitting a final draft to the Secretary of State for publication. The DWC is still aiming to finalize the rule by July 1, 2017, allowing ample time for the California workers’ compensation system to adapt to the published rule.

The leadership at the DWC and the DIR have been very measured in their development of the formulary rule from the outset and this anticipation of a delay is further indication of their desire to get it done right rather than fast. They have been open and frank in their dialogue and they have welcomed comments and meeting requests from all stakeholders. It is clear that all submitted and vocalized comments throughout the rule development process were heard, considered and in some cases adapted into the rule.

Also clear is the DWC commitment towards making sure injured workers maintain access to necessary and quality care focused on delivering better health outcomes. Optum acknowledged the monumental effort of the DWC staff in undertaking the development of the MTUS Drug Formulary and that it looks forward to continued dialogue as the rule and its implementation evolve.

Source: Optum

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