June 19, 2018

Sedgwick Introduces New “Whole Health” Solution

Memphis, TN – Sedgwick recently announced that it has partnered with Accolade, an on-demand healthcare concierge, to launch its new whole health solution. The proprietary program links Sedgwick’s experience and expertise in workers’ compensation, leave of absence, and disability with a trusted health assistant to circumnavigate workers’ compensation, disability, leave of absence, job accommodations and health benefits.

The whole health model is designed to ensure the physical, emotional and financial health of clients’ employees and their family members, who may otherwise struggle to access the resources they need in cases of injury, illness or the birth or adoption of a child. With the whole health solution, each member of an employer’s health plan is assigned a dedicated health assistant, who works with Sedgwick’s claims management and clinical experts to guide the employee through the entire process. The health assistant not only supports an employee and their family towards receiving high-quality care, but also prepares them for returning to work following an absence.

“The integration of health and productivity solutions in our whole health model gives our clients’ employees a streamlined and consistent way to access the assistance and care afforded by their benefits,” said Dave North, Sedgwick president and CEO. “Using the whole health approach can increase employee satisfaction and engagement, reduce claim durations and lost workdays, and decrease claim costs. Sedgwick is proud to be among the first in our industry to offer employers fully integrated data on their health, workers’ compensation, disability and leave programs, combined with a compassionate, holistic approach to employee care.”

“Sedgwick offers an extensive portfolio of services in the risk and benefits space, and our partnership on the whole health model aligns care management with the highly regulated benefits process to simplify the experience for employees and their families,” said Rob Cavanaugh, Accolade president. “Together, we’re adding significant features to the Accolade and Sedgwick platforms to give people the support they need in navigating the complexities of healthcare and related leave programs. Our partnership gives employers an important integrated benefit that strengthens their programs, drives employee satisfaction up, and is proven to drive costs and complexities down.”

More information about the whole health solution is available on the Sedgwick website (PDF).

Source: Sedgwick

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