May 26, 2018

Mitchell Utilizes New Technology to Improve WC Specialty Bill Review

San Diego, CA – Mitchell International recently introduced the next level and evolution of its specialty bill review for the workers’ compensation market. After acquiring Qmedtrix in October 2016, Mitchell developed this new solution by integrating Qmedtrix’s product platform with the specialty bill review and provider negotiation systems that make up the company’s SmartPrice Solutions: FairPay® Specialty Bill Review and Mitchell Negotiations.

The integrated technology delivers additional value on a state-by-state basis by going beyond traditional specialty bill review capabilities. Using proven analytics methodologies, Mitchell’s system now can provide added services in usual and customary states that offer a wider breadth of savings on professional and facility bills. In addition, the integration has also created unprecedented opportunities for savings in fee schedule jurisdictions.

“The integration of these three proven platforms, combined with Mitchell’s expert ability to optimize cost containment workflows on a state-by-state basis, helps deliver a new layer of value for workers’ compensation carriers, third party administrators and self-insured employers,” said Michael Parker, the new product leader for SmartPrice Solutions. “With the advanced capabilities and potential for savings we can offer, Mitchell’s SmartPrice Solutions now go above and beyond traditional specialty bill review capabilities.”

“The new solution adds additional data and expertise to our already-robust workers’ compensation solution offering,” said Nina L. Smith, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Mitchell’s Casualty Solutions Group. “Mitchell’s customers are now even more prepared to manage rising medical costs and regulatory changes and achieve improved business outcomes.”

Source: Mitchell

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