March 20, 2018

Ohio Woman Who Stole Relative’s Workers’ Comp Check Pleads to Theft Charge

Columbus, OH – A Columbus woman who stole a relative’s workers’ comp check recently pleaded guilty to theft in a Franklin County courtroom.

Kelly Clark, 38, became the subject of an investigation after an injured worker contacted BWC’s Special Investigations Department to report he did not receive a benefits check he was expecting in the mail. He suspected it had been stolen and cashed by another party.

Investigators found that Clark, who had been living with the injured worker, her relative, stole the check and endorsed and cashed it without permission.

Clark pleaded guilty to a first degree misdemeanor count of theft on Dec. 15. She was sentenced to 90 days in the Franklin County Jail, including 30 days credited for time served and 60 days suspended as long as she pays $862 in restitution by Sept. 13, 2017.

The Court will hold a review hearing on March 23 to check on her progress toward paying off the restitution.

Source: Ohio BWC SID

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