May 16, 2018

Spreemo Quality Research Institute Launches Forum for Discussion of Care Quality

New York, NY – The Quality Research Institute (QRI), an arm of Spreemo Health, hosted its inaugural summit on October 21st at the Convene Conference Center in New York City. The event brought together a diverse array of healthcare thought leaders – from clinicians and data scientists to government, group health and employer payers – to share their perspectives on how providers and payers can work cohesively to enhance the quality of patient care.

The one-day summit took place before a large audience of healthcare stakeholders, during which time, panelists (and attendees alike) engaged in vibrant, thought-provoking dialogue regarding a host of issues impacting healthcare delivery and quality. Key topics included:

  • The use of big data and analytics to create actionable insights and strategies to improve patient outcomes
  • The approaches, opportunities and critical challenges in treating back pain and spine injuries
  • The role of technology and other innovations in shaping the direction of healthcare quality improvement

The Summit featured Leah Binder, President and CEO of The Leapfrog Group, as its keynote speaker and was moderated by award-winning CBS News Medical Correspondent, Dr. Max Gomez.

“We’re thrilled to have been able to provide an unprecedented forum for some of the industry’s most innovative thinkers to exchange ideas, and we’re confident that attendees will be able to build upon the insights gained going forward,” said Spreemo Health’s CEO Ron Vianu.

In addition to Binder and Dr. Gomez, the Summit featured the following esteemed panelists:

  • Robert Berenson, MD – Urban Institute Fellow, member of the Physician-Focused Payment Model Technical Advisory Committee, formerly Vice Chair of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission and Assistant Director of the White House Domestic Policy Staff
  • Adam Seidner, MD, MPH – Global Medical Director at Travelers Insurance
  • Steve Perroots – Vice President, Global Claims at Marriott International
  • Patricia Onion – CEO, Berkeley Medical Management Solutions
  • Don Hurter – Former Global Head of Medical Management at AIG
  • Richard Herzog, MD – Director of Spinal Imaging at Hospital for Special Surgery, Executive Director of the Spreemo Health Quality Research Institute
  • Jerome Schofferman, MD – Director of North American Spine Society (NASS)
  • Nick Reber – Director of Quality, Networks and Care Routing, Oscar Insurance
  • Daniel Elgort, PhD – Vice President of Healthcare Analytics at Spreemo Health, former Global Lead for Healthcare Big Data Analytics Research at Philips
  • John Ruser, PhD – President and CEO of Workers’ Compensation Research Institute
  • Douglas Benner, MD – National Medical Director at Macy’s and Chief Medical Officer at EK Health
  • Mark Pew – Senior Vice President at Prium
  • Gary Gonya, MD – Spine Surgeon at Northwell Health (formerly Lenox Hill Hospital)

“It was unique and incredible to have the opportunity to bring people together from different sides of the table to discuss a common goal. So often in the healthcare community, payers and providers are seen as adversaries, but by bringing these thought leaders together, I’m hopeful that we’re beginning to chart a different course,” said Richard Herzog, MD, QRI Executive Director.

Spreemo Health plans to host its QRI Summit annually to facilitate continued dialogue amongst stakeholders and to address the most pressing topics facing healthcare.

Source: Spreemo

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