March 18, 2018

Listen Up: What You Can Learn About the Industry in 3-4 Minutes

In our workers’ compensation world, there are an ever-increasing number of media sources trying to grab our attention. Whether in the form of a magazine article, LinkedIn post, webinar or whitepaper, the industry is blessed to have so many important information vehicles to help you deliver the best services to injured workers.

While more is often better, it doesn’t solve a significant problem many of us face: time. How can we keep up with legislative trends while trying to manage a full caseload? How can we better understand the complexities of data analytics during our precious “free time” (commuting, lunch break, etc.)? Despite our best efforts, it’s nearly impossible to fulfill our ongoing quest for practical solutions to difficult problems.

Enter the podcast, an effective, portable, convenient and personal way to listen and learn on the go. This form of audio media isn’t new, but it’s still an effective and time-efficient mode of communication. You can’t read a shared story on LinkedIn while driving, but you can listen to the latest in IME processes in your car. You can’t always tune in to a scheduled webcast, but you can learn about new regulations in opioid management on-demand through your smartphone at a time convenient to you.

On Time, On Your Time
This is the goal of Genex Services’ regular podcast series, Inside Workers’ Comp, to give you informative and relative thought leadership within 3 to 4 minutes. Industry leaders with decades of experience share their insight on a slew of topics including medication management, utilization review, data analytics and bill review.

And while time is an issue for you in gathering information, so is timeliness. That’s why Inside Workers’ Comp interviews experts who can breakdown complicated regulatory information, such as new state laws affecting the industry, helping you gain a better understanding of how it will affect you and your profession.

Unlike other news feeds, the content in Inside Workers’ Comp is communicated directly to you, the listener, creating a more personal experience than reading a white paper or blog post. So, when Genex case manager Lt. Col. Nicole Hurley conveys her experiences as an Air Force Reserve aeromedical officer, you not only hear the story, but live it.

Still, for those of you who enjoy a more traditional form of news gathering, each Inside Workers’ Comp offers an accompanying transcript, so you can read the same insights delivered by the subject matter experts. Don’t worry, we won’t hold you up with non-essential information; these are quick, but informative reads.

Now that I mentioned it, it seems counterproductive to have you read about Inside Workers’ Comp. If you haven’t already, check it out, pick a topic of interest and hear what you can learn in 3-4 minutes.Genex Inside Workers' Comp

More Info
Gain a better understanding of the obstacles that inhibit real change in workers’ comp as industry thought leader Ron Skrocki details the issue in the latest Inside Workers’ Comp.

About Tom Kerr
Tom Kerr is host of Inside Workers’ Comp and senior communications manager at Genex Services, the trusted provider of managed care services enabling workers’ compensation payers and risk managers to transform their bottom lines. Got a topic you’d like to hear discussed on Inside Workers’ Comp? Email Tom at

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