March 20, 2018

Injured Workers’ Pharmacy Releases First Industry Drug Trends Report

Andover, MA -(BusinessWire)- Injured Workers’ Pharmacy (IWP), recently announced the release of their first industry drug trends report, Work Comp Pharmacy: A Front Line Perspective.

As a national workers compensation specialty pharmacy, IWP’s report outlines the current trends being seen in the industry by bringing more attention to the patient and how change can impact them and their decisions regarding medication. “We call ourselves ‘the patient advocate pharmacy,’ so we decided to issue a report that focuses less on the drugs themselves and more on how greater involvement of clinical pharmacists on behalf of patients can impact treatment and prescribing patterns,” states Ken Martino, IWP, CEO.

Committed to understanding and navigating all trends in the workers’ compensation industry, the report, unlike other drug trend reports also highlights how trends in medication therapy management and legislative measures are driving significant change.

Martino, continues, “At IWP, the patient is at the heart of everything we do. Our number one focus is always getting workers’ compensation patients the care and treatment they need to get better and get back to a productive life. That’s why, as we present and analyze the current industry topics, we do so with consideration of their impact on the patient.”

The report is available here: IWP: Work Comp Pharmacy: A Front Line Perspective

Source: BusinessWire

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