June 12, 2018

DORN Announces Early Intervention Worksite Pain Management Program

Denver, CO – DORN, providers of worksite pain management programs, recently announced PeakPerformance™, an evidence-based, proactive approach to preventing, managing and eliminating the musculoskeletal discomfort and pain which undermine employee engagement, performance and overall productivity. PeakPerformance provides workforces with onsite, one-on-one pain relief and therapy before the issue becomes chronic, reducing absenteeism, presenteeism, lost productivity and turnover. These early interventions are designed to pre-empt the need for doctor’s visits or more involved physical therapy, demonstrably reducing medical and workers’ compensation claims.

PeakPerformance treatments are performed onsite by DORN trained and credentialed therapists. Each 15 minute session addresses the employee’s discomfort and soreness which often result from sedentary office work (back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.), repetitive and/or manual tasks and everyday “wear and tear.” The standard program provides up to four onsite visits, after which each employee is provided with a self-treatment and pain management plan; companies or employees can opt for more onsite visits if needed. For constant or chronic pain, DORN offers PainRelief™, an onsite program comprised of more intensive 30 minute sessions.

“PeakPerformance is a perfect complement to our PainRelief program, helping employees identify and address pain early,” said Kevin Lombardo, President of DORN. “We have seen great adoption rates of the new offering so far and the pilot programs have produced great results in achieving self-reported higher productivity, a significant reduction in medication usage and overall high morale.”

DORN’s innovative healthcare solutions empower individuals to improve and sustain optimal health, well-being and quality of life while delivering substantial savings to organizations nationally and are easily incorporated into both Risk Management and Wellness programs. They are designed to prevent workers’ compensation claims and costs, decrease health care claims and costs, reduce medication usage and reduce OSHA recordables. DORN Solutions also include PainRelief™ Therapy, HeadacheClinic™, Pain-Free™ Back Therapy and StretchRevitalization™

Documented Benefits of the DORN Programs:

  • 63% Pain Level Reduction
  • 52% Eliminated Medication
  • 92% Productivity Improvement
  • 78% ROI Using DORN

DORN’s delivery approach is based on the Total Worker Health model, integrating risk management and wellness within a holistic framework that promotes both work-related safety and injury/illness prevention with efforts to advance worker well-being. DORN’s white paper on Total Worker Health can be downloaded here.

“We are now seeing HR brought into the conversation more, along with Risk Management, which has traditionally been our buyer,” said Lombardo. “These programs (PeakPerformance and PainRelief) working together enable companies to implement and realize the benefits of a Total Worker Health solution.”

Source: DORN

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