March 15, 2018

Adva-Net Announces Parternship with Medata

Sarasota, FL – Adva-Net, a workers’ compensation comprehensive pain management network, recently announced their partnership with Medata, the originator of medical bill review software solutions in the workers’ compensation, auto liability, and general health communities.

In discussing their partnership with Medata, Ken Hannigan, CEO of Adva-Net stated, “We are excited about our relationship with Medata. As a leader within the medical bill review industry, they share our concern over the previously under served pain management segment of the workers’ compensation space.” Mr. Hannigan further added, “By combining the industry knowledge, network expertise and advanced technological capabilities of both organizations, we are well-equipped to deliver superior outcomes to the patient and payor communities alike.”

Cy King, CEO of Medata, supported Ken Hannigan’s sentiments in stating, “By partnering with Adva-Net, we are gaining access to their nationwide network of 30,000+ providers, as well as their unique care coordination and clinical oversight models.” He further added, “By accessing Adva-Net’s network and utilizing their model, our clients have realized additional savings, as well as increased penetration.”

Source: Adva-Net

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