March 18, 2018

New WCRI Webinar: Kentucky Workers’ Comp System

Boca Raton, FL – WCRI recently announced a new hour-long webinar where for the first time ever, policymakers and system stakeholders in Kentucky now have information from the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) on how their workers’ compensation benefit delivery system compares with 17 other states across a broad array of metrics, including performance.

On Thursday, June 9, 2016, at 2pm ET; 1pm CT; 12pm MT; 11am PT Carol Telles will discusses key cost drivers, trends, and the performance of the Kentucky workers’ compensation system as compared to other states, as well as takes your questions.

Ms. Telles is a senior policy analyst and a lead author of WCRI’s CompScope™ benchmarks studies, which provide the most meaningful interstate comparisons currently available for more than 60 system performance measures across 18 large states.

Apart from sharing findings from CompScope™ Benchmarks for Kentucky, 16th Edition, Ms. Telles will share findings from several other WCRI studies that include Kentucky, focusing on hospital outpatient costs, prices for nonhospital services, and payments to ambulatory surgery centers.

Things you will learn:

  • The major cost drivers in Kentucky’s workers’ compensation system.
  • Performance of Kentucky’s workers’ compensation system compared to other states.
  • Trends seen in many metrics of system performance in Kentucky’s workers’ compensation system.
  • Factors that shape income benefits in Kentucky.
  • How Kentucky’s medical payments per claim differ from other states for similar claims, and some of the reasons for those differences.

Attendance is limited to 100 people and all attendees receive a free copy of the slides. Webinars are $39 for WCRI members; $79 for non-members; and no charge for members of the press, legislators as well as their staff, and state public officials who make policy decisions impacting their state’s workers’ compensation system.

Click here to register: WCRI Webinar: Kentucky Workers’ Comp System

Source: WCRI

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