June 17, 2018

Out Front Ideas Webinar: The Changing Face of Insurance

St. Louis, MO – Out Front Ideas with Kimberly and Mark has announced its next complimentary webinar, noting that one of the biggest issues facing the insurance industry is the aging workforce.

It is estimated that, by the end of 2018, nearly 25% of the industry workforce will have retired and that 40% will retire in the next 10 years. This talent drain not only creates a need to focus on recruiting young people into our industry, but also how to train them to pass on the existing knowledge.

This edition will explore how the insurance industry and risk managers should be responding to the pending talent shortage and preparing for the future.

Topics Covered:

  • How to overcome negative perceptions of the insurance industry to aid in recruiting.
  • The impact that college recruiting and internships can have on talent attraction.
  • College degree programs in risk management that are available and what other college programs should be considered.
  • The importance of internal training programs so that existing knowledge is not lost.
  • How the industry can come together to develop additional training resources.

Panelists include:

  • Terri Browne, Chief People Officer, Sedgwick
  • Angela Schaefer, VP of Human Resources & Employee Engagement, Safety National
  • And more!

The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday May 10, 2016 at 11am CT.

Click here to register: Out Front Ideas Webinar: The Changing Face of Insurance: Talent Attraction, Retention & Training

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