March 15, 2018

Mitchell Partners with ForeSight Medical for Surgical Implantable Device Mgmt

San Diego, CA – Mitchell International recently announced the addition of ForeSight Medical to its portfolio of Strategic Partners. Mitchell’s partnership with ForeSight will deliver the industry’s leading solution to help payers with the challenges they face managing high-cost surgical implant devices. This solution will manage utilization, facility, surgeon and procedural trending related to surgical procedures involving implantable hardware.

“The complex supply chain, variable markups and widely inconsistent provider billing practices make identifying and containing the costs of surgical implants challenging,” said Mitchell’s General Manager of Casualty Solutions, Nina Smith. “ForeSight’s deep domain experience delivers a comprehensive and objective solution to help control the ever-increasing costs of surgical implants for our clients.”

Designed specifically for surgical procedures involving implantable hardware, ForeSight’s proprietary Fusion™ audit and adjudication platform employs dynamic modular reduction methodologies to identify and remove inappropriate charges to ensure the lowest reasonable cost is paid.

“A multitude of market forces cause overpayment on surgical implant charges. ForeSight is thrilled to partner with Mitchell ― a like-minded, technological leader who embraces innovative solutions to control the rising cost of surgical procedures for Workers’ Compensation payers,” said Brian Bell, ForeSight President.

“Through our integration with the SmartAdvisor® bill review platform, Mitchell’s clients will gain access to an industry-leading solution that delivers the most effective and comprehensive means of controlling the widely variable costs and over-utilization associated with implantable hardware used in surgery. ForeSight’s mission is to ensure that Mitchell clients pay the lowest reasonable price for implants that are actually utilized, properly documented and appropriate for the procedure,” Bell said.

Source: Mitchell

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