June 12, 2018

Out Front Ideas Webinar: OSHA Issues to Watch

St. Louis, MO – Under the current administration, OSHA has been increasingly more active with an emphasis on new rules, audits and public shaming of employers where violations are found. OSHA has even weighed in on issues outside their jurisdiction such as the adequacy of state workers’ compensation benefits. There is also great concern over the potential for “midnight regulations” being pushed through at the end of this year, which could increase the compliance burden on employers.

This “Out Front Ideas with Kimberly and Mark” webinar will discuss the current OSHA initiatives that employers need to be aware of, what is on the immediate horizon and what to expect after the presidential election.

Join us to learn:

  • The viability of safety incentive programs.
  • OSHA’s view on post-accident drug testing and discipline for late reporting of accidents.
  • Details on upcoming increases in fines and penalties.
  • Forthcoming changes to record keeping, including publicly-accessible databases.
  • OSHA’s emphasis on enforcement versus education.
  • How the General Duty Clause creates additional penalty exposure in the absence of rules.
  • The threat of post-election rules before this administration leaves office.
  • The impact that the election could have on OSHA in 2017.
  • And more!

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Source: Out Front Ideas

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