May 16, 2018

CA State Fund Announces “The State Fund MPN by Harbor Health” Approved by DWC

San Francisco, CA – State Compensation Insurance Fund recently announced that it will soon transition to a new outcomes-based Medical Provider Network (MPN). The California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) recently gave its stamp of approval to the new MPN called the State Fund MPN by Harbor Health.

As part of its ongoing efforts to refine all aspects of providing workers’ compensation insurance, State Fund is transitioning to this new network to improve patient outcomes and quality of care for the injured employees it serves.

Set to launch in February, the State Fund MPN by Harbor Health is comprised of doctors with demonstrated track records of effectively treating workplace injures through use of evidenced-based medicine. Studies demonstrate that physicians who practice evidence-based medicine achieve better outcomes for injured employees, namely restoring them to health and productivity as quickly as possible.

“Achieving the best possible results for the injured employee is the main benefit of an outcomes-based MPN,” said State Fund Chief Medical Officer Dinesh Govindarao, M.D., M.P.H. “That’s why this transition is in the best interest for the employers and injured employees we serve.”

Harbor Health Systems is a highly respected industry expert in medical network administration, and brings a decade of experience in developing, refining, and validating an outcomes-based system to measure provider performance.

Source: CA State Fund

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