May 23, 2018

PCI Issues Statement on FL Third Court of Appeal Ruling Regarding Workers’ Comp

Tallahassee, FL – The Florida Third District Court of Appeal, on procedural grounds, recently reversed a trial court judgment holding that the exclusive remedy provisions of the Florida Workers Compensation Act were unconstitutional. The following statement was released by PCI’s senior director for workers compensation, Trey Gillespie. PCI along with several other businesses filed an amicus brief opposing the initial trial court judge’s ruling arguing that this case had the potential to harm the state’s workers compensation system.

“The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) and our members are pleased with today’s ruling, which leaves in place the central tenants of the state’s workers system that balance the interests of injured employees and employers that seek predictability in costs. This case, in which the plaintiffs sought a weakening or elimination of the exclusive remedy provisions in the workers compensation system had the potential to destabilize Florida’s business environment.

This ruling is a real win for all stakeholders in the Florida workers compensation system as it preserves the legal framework for fostering a healthy market for workers compensation that also accommodates the medical needs and replacement income for employees.”

Click here to read: Third District Court of Appeal Decision (PDF)

Source: PCI

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