March 20, 2018

MedRisk Launches Patient Advocacy Program

King of Prussia, PA – Aware of how confusing the workers’ compensation system can be, MedRisk has launched a patient advocacy program to help injured workers navigate diagnostic imaging and physical rehabilitative services.

MedRisk offers injured workers access to a national network of expert physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, and radiologists. Working with the patient and case manager, MedRisk identifies the best provider in a location convenient to the patient’s home or workplace and coordinates scheduling.

During this process, MedRisk makes sure that the injured worker knows what to expect before the first appointment.

“Many patients have never had physical therapy services or a diagnostic imaging exam before,” said COO Michelle Buckman. “Knowing what to expect reduces anxiety and promotes attendance.”

MedRisk patient advocates do not offer medical or legal advice, but can provide a listening ear, educate and guide injured workers through a new and sometimes confusing experience.

“During treatment and recovery it’s important to know that someone cares and will help you navigate the system,” Buckman added. “A positive, empathetic experience promotes good will among patients, employers and claims professionals and can speed the recovery process.”

Educational material is made available to address questions such as:

  • What is an Initial Evaluation (IE)? What purpose does it serve?
  • What should you expect from an MRI? How should you prepare for your appointment?
  • What is a functional capacity exam? How long does it take?

MedRisk is developing an online library of resources to supplement the advocate conversations. These materials are available for download and can be rebranded for use by client employers, insurers or providers. For more information, please see

Source: MedRisk/King Knight

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