March 20, 2018

RIMS Review: Steve Luebbert of Safety National

During our time at RIMS 2015, we had Workers’ Comp industry stakeholders participate in WorkCompWire’s “RIMS Review” series, focused on what to look for this year and in the future! Here’s what Steve Luebbert, Chief Operating Officer at Safety National had to say:

Steve LuebbertWhat do you believe will be the most significant development in the Worker’s Comp industry in 2015?
We are beginning to see an increase in statutory challenges to the workers’ compensation benefit where litigators are trying to prove that workers’ compensation should not be the sole remedy for the injured employees. Last year, a judge in Miami-Dade County, Florida sent a shockwave through the state when he declared their workers’ compensation law to be unconstitutional. I expect that we will see more constitutional challenges in other states as a result.

What is the top challenge you and your organization are currently working on this year?
A real challenge for us is what I call human capital void – the lack of young talent entering the industry. As an industry, we need to work diligently to create next generation awareness that they can have a stable, profitable and fulfilling career in insurance where entrepreneurship is encouraged and rewarded.

Looking out 5 years, beyond obvious trends, what do you think one big change in the Workers’ Comp industry will be?
A positive trend that we are already beginning to see on the excess workers’ compensation side of things is that, due to advances in medical technology, severely-injured workers are now living longer, useful lives. Life expectancies are lengthier than they have ever been and we are helping workers recover that, in the past, we were not able to help. In five years, I expect recovery options to continue to progress with technology and that we will be providing recovery options for injured employees that we never thought possible.

What is one thing you’d like to promote?
That Safety National is a great place to work with a variety of professions that offer stable, long-term careers for motivated candidates. We are very proud to have a culture that supports growth for young talent, constantly allocating resources to create opportunities for entrepreneurship and an aggressive career path.

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