April 19, 2018

3 For NWCDC: Ron Skrocki of GENEX Services

During our time at NWCDC 2014, we had Workers’ Comp industry stakeholders participate in WorkCompWire’s “3 For NWCDC” series, focused on this year’s developments and on improving the system! Here’s what Ron Skrocki, VP Product Management and Development at GENEX Services had to say:

Ron Skrocki NWCDC141. Looking back on 2014, what do you believe was the most significant development for the Workers’ Comp industry?
In 2014, we started to see the beginning of the changes to the American health care delivery system brought on both directly and indirectly by the Affordable Care Act. The further diminishment of interest by group health payers in the WC space, the consolidation of provider systems to improve their cost structures and negotiating leverage, the increase in covered lives and the associated medical provider shortages (already critical in some areas like New Mexico for example).

2. If you could wave your magic wand, and instantly change one thing about 1) Workers’ Comp and 2) your business, what would you change?
For the market (and maybe the country), I hope for less obsession with gossip. Gossip about internal market dynamics (impact of service provider consolidation, private equity game theories, who stays and who goes when companies merge). I’d love more experimentation on program design and more studies on the outcome impact of various case management and quality provider network models like the ones we are working on with our clients.

3. What is one thing you’d like to promote?
Hug a case manager today… Given the general direction of health care and the specific dynamics of WC, we need them more than ever! My team’s job is to build tools to improve their effectiveness and deliver actionable analytics to help insure their ongoing positive impact on health and productivity. For example, we had a case not long ago where a master mechanic was crushed by a truck he was repairing and suffered a catastrophic injury. He soon experienced a range of problems. Rather than just use local providers or stick with a standard treatment plan, our case manager had access to a network of providers with proven best outcomes – who knew the best possible way to treat this patient. We went from having a guy so severely injured and so many complications he could have died to a remarkable outcome with a worker who will be able to return to modified duty within the next few months. Plus, by getting this guy to the right doctors and using the right treatment plan – we saved the client about $303,946.30 so far. The case manager was key in this outcome, but so too was the data that helped her get this worker to the best doctors with the best treatment plan.

About Ron Skrocki
Ron Skrocki, Vice President of Product Management and Development, manages the product leaders for the disability management and medical bill review services. Additionally, he directs the developers and analysts associated with customer-facing applications, including secure web tools for customer reporting, case management, and medical bill authorizations.

Prior to joining GENEX in 2004, Skrocki held national level leadership positions in business and product development, sales, and operations. His more than 20 years of industry experience spans the information technology sector specifically related to data management and systems development.

After graduating from Philadelphia University with a bachelor’s degree in business management, he earned a master’s degree in computer science from Villanova University.

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This is not a paid placement.

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