May 22, 2018

MedRisk Launches Restore Program to Reduce Long-Term Disability Cases

King of Prussia, PA – MedRisk recently announced its launch of the MedRisk Restore program. Restore is a solution designed to reduce delayed recovery cases by integrating MedRisk’s physical medicine solution with an internationally recognized approach incorporating psychosocial barrier identification and resolution.

Historically, solutions for delayed recovery cases have focused on eliminating or reducing pain symptoms. However, current research now shows that psychosocial barriers to recovery account for more than three times the variance in the magnitude of disability. By addressing psychosocial barriers, the Restore program—in combination with physical rehabilitation—promotes reintegration into life-role activities, increases quality of life for patients and facilitates return to work.

“MedRisk has revolutionized how workers’ compensation payers think about physical medicine,” said Ruth Estrich, MedRisk chief strategy officer. “Today, we’re excited to debut MedRisk Restore, the industry’s first integrated solution to delayed recovery — a significant problem in the work comp industry. We’re proud to offer this forward-thinking solution to our customers.”

Source: MedRisk/King Knight

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