May 21, 2018

EMPLOYERS Expands Pharmacy Services with Healthcare Solutions

Atlanta, GA -(PRWeb)- Healthcare Solutions, the parent company of Cypress Care, Procura Management, ScripNet and Modern Medical, recently announced the expansion of its workers’ compensation pharmacy management partnership with EMPLOYERS. Through the partnership with Healthcare Solutions, EMPLOYERS has saved millions of dollars in workers’ compensation pharmacy costs for its customers.

Since May 2013, Healthcare Solutions has worked in collaboration with EMPLOYERS to deliver clinically-based pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services to EMPLOYERS’ customers in six states. Since its inception, the clinical programs implemented by Healthcare Solutions and EMPLOYERS have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars through customized step therapy interventions that help ensure the safe and cost-effective use of medications for claimants. Substantial savings have also been attributed to physician outreach that encourages providers to prescribe safer, lower-cost prescription alternatives. As a result, EMPLOYERS has expanded beyond the initial program and now offers Healthcare Solutions’ PBM services in 22 additional states.

“We selected Healthcare Solutions as a PBM partner based on their proven track record of providing customized pharmacy services and leading clinical management strategies,” said Barry J. Vogt, senior vice president, chief claims officer with EMPLOYERS. “We are committed to providing our customers with strong managed care partners that enable us to return meaningful results to our customers and provide high quality and cost-effective care for claimants.”

In addition to expanding PBM services into additional states, Healthcare Solutions and EMPLOYERS are implementing new pharmacy initiatives including:

  • Monitor Rx™, a drug urinalysis screening program that identifies aberrant patient behavior such as doctor shopping, pharmacy hopping and overutilization of narcotics.
  • Opioid Defense Manager™, a proactive, customized program designed to protect employees, physicians and employers by reducing inappropriate drug use while maintaining the necessary balance to provide pain relief for the claimant.
  • Compound drug re-pricing program.
  • California pharmacy benefit network (PBN) services.

“Healthcare Solutions is proud to be a pharmacy management solution to EMPLOYERS,” said Joe Boures, president and chief executive officer of Healthcare Solutions. “We will continue to provide EMPLOYERS with the highest level of service and savings as well as develop innovative pharmacy management solutions that helps EMPLOYERS perform at levels above industry averages.”

Source: PRWeb/Healthcare Solutions

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