March 15, 2018

ESIS Expands Efforts to Control Pharmacy Costs and Utilization

Philadelphia, PA -(BusinessWire)- ACE Group recently announced the expansion of ESIS Pharmacy Impact, a key component of ESIS’ medical programs offering. ESIS Pharmacy Impact was launched in January, 2012 to help control pharmacy-related claims expenses, while ensuring best possible clinical outcomes for injured employees. The enhancement and expansion includes early and ongoing application of ESIS’ risk scoring predictive model to identify claims that have the potential to incur high pharmacy costs. Once identified, aggressive strategies and tactics can be implemented to ensure appropriate clinical interventions.

“ESIS’ predictive modeling approach is improving the way we manage medical costs on workers compensation claims,” said David Patterson, Division President, ESIS, Inc. “Our continual investment in ESIS Medical Programs helps ensure we continue to meet the complex and evolving needs of our clients – providing aggressive strategies that give them a high level of control over their loss costs on each claim and on their risk management program overall.”

“ESIS Pharmacy Impact has delivered significant savings — 56.5 percent from 2013 original billed pharmacy charges,” said Veronica Cressman, Vice President ESIS Medical Programs. “We are acutely aware of the importance of continual enhancement of our pharmacy program and continue to dedicate time and resources necessary to help ensure we continue to minimize pharmacy costs on behalf of our clients.”

The program enhancement utilizes data analytics and predictive modeling to identify claims that have the potential for higher costs due to pharmacy utilization. For example, the program involves monitoring the use of narcotics and other critical pharmacological interventions in pain management. ESIS’ approach uses four years of historical data that pinpoints drug utilization patterns on high cost claims, enabling ESIS clinicians to take actions needed to ensure best possible clinical outcomes for injured workers and lowest possible claim costs.

ESIS pharmacy specialists employ evidence-based medicine and recognized regional and national medical guidelines to ensure that the right drugs are prescribed at the right time and for the proper duration. Utilizing data analytics, clinical triage, pharmacy utilization review and urine drug monitoring, ESIS is able to exert an appropriate measure of control over utilization at every stage in the claim life cycle.

“From years of experience, we’ve learned that sharing common goals with our clients provides clear value,” added Ms. Cressman. “At ESIS, we continue to improve our medical program offerings in response to the evolving needs of our clients. We are committed to delivering better results and reduced costs today and in the future.”

Source: BusinessWire

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