June 19, 2018

ISO Crowe Paradis Becomes ISO Claims Partners

North Reading, MA – ISO Crowe Paradis, a leading provider of Medicare compliance and workers compensation analytical services to the property/casualty insurance industry, has become ISO Claims Partners. The new name reflects the company’s mission to improve claims outcomes for its customers through data, analytics, and professional services. ISO Claims Partners is a member of the Verisk Insurance Solutions group at Verisk Analytics (Nasdaq:VRSK), working closely with Verisk’s other claims-specific platforms, including ISO ClaimSearch®.

The name change to ISO Claims Partners highlights major enhancements to the company’s analytic capabilities and technology solutions, as exemplified by the recent creation of WC NavigatorTM, a new offering announced in 2013 that combines the workers compensation expertise of ISO Claims Partners and the technology and data only available through ISO. WC Navigator will help insurers to identify potentially volatile workers compensation claims earlier in the claim-handling cycle. As a result, claims professionals will be better equipped to triage cases and proactively address high-risk claims.

“Our new name not only describes what we do, but also reflects our commitment to our customers,” said Dorothy Kelly, chief executive officer of ISO Claims Partners. “Our expertise is broad, and the information available to us is deep. By working closely with our claims-handling customers, we empower them to achieve better results.”

Source: ISO Claims Partners

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