May 20, 2018

CA WCIRB Releases New Education on Demand Modules

San Francisco, CA – The WCIRB has added three new modules to its Education on Demand library. The new modules include Introduction to Ownership, Classification Basics, and Classification Standard Exceptions. These new modules add to the experience rating modules that were deployed earlier in the year. The modules are accessible by visiting the Learning Center section of the WCIRB website.

  • Introduction to Ownership
    How ownership of an entity is determined for experience rating purposes, when separate entities should be combined for experience rating purposes, and how a change in ownership impacts the experience modification for a business.
  • Classification Basics
    This module provides an overview of the Standard Classification System including topics such as assignment by analogy and the Single Enterprise.
  • Classification Standard Exceptions
    This module will help you determine when an employee is eligible for a Clerical or Outside Salesperson classification, how payroll may and may not be divided between classifications, and how to apply the Standard Exceptions in connection with other classifications.

These modules are part of the WCIRB’s commitment to provide education, data and information that is integral to a healthy workers’ compensation system. Additional educational material is planned for release in 2014. To be notified when new modules or new educational information is available, please subscribe to the WCIRB’s “Education Resources” email list.

The WCIRB welcomes feedback regarding their education program. There are surveys at the end of each module to provide comments. You may also send comments or suggestions for educational content to

Source: CA WCIRB

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