June 17, 2018

Broadspire and Concentra “Work Safe” to Protect Diverse Workforce

Dallas, TX – Concentra, a subsidiary of Humana Inc., and BroadspireĀ® recently announced that they are jointly presenting a new guidebook aimed at helping employers manage the health and safety of a diverse workforce. The official launch of the guide is taking place at the National Workers’ Compensation Conference in Las Vegas, NV, November 20-22. The guide will also be made available for purchase from Amazon.com following its launch and can be ordered through Broadspire and Concentra web sites.

Work Safe: An Employer’s Guide to Safety and Health in a Diversified Workforce is written by acclaimed author and columnist Peter Rousmaniere, and offers employers real-world guidance on establishing healthcare resources and proper safety practices for a culturally diverse workforce. Today’s growing global society means a workforce with varied cultural backgrounds and countries of origin, and the opportunity to review health, safety and financial benefits to ensure all employees have proper coverage and support. Rousmaniere will appear as a panelist at the National Workers’ Compensation Conference on the topic of “Immigration Reform: Strategies You Need to Reduce Risks” on November 21.

“One out of every six work injuries in American is sustained by a foreign-born worker,”said Work Safe author Peter Rousmaniere “Savvy business leaders understand how cultural and language differences can impact employees’ interaction in their roles and with a company,” . “This new guide gives employers a blueprint to start evaluating processes, coverage levels, and communications to be more inclusive of attitudes and feelings among employees of different countries and cultures.”

The guide also offers employers some insight and recommended action in reference to providing proper health and safety practices for a varied population, including considerations to language and cultural barriers; changes to US immigration policies and its impact on employers, including sponsorship and health benefit coverage to employees and their dependents; and legal implications for employers in a pre- and post- immigration reform environment.

“As a leading provider of employer health care programs in the U.S., Concentra understands the challenges many employers face in caring for the health and safety needs of a diverse population, beginning with communication,” said Concentra CEO Ted Bucknam. “Through this initiative we hope to provide employers with a resource to establish appropriate employee healthcare services, one that addresses the unique medical needs among different cultures and ethnicities.”

“Our country is becoming more diverse every year, and massive changes taking place in our healthcare system now are significantly affecting employers of all sizes,” said Danielle Lisenbey, Broadspire CEO. “Work Safe is an authoritative, practical guide to help employers navigate how best to manage the differing healthcare and communications needs of employees from around the world.”

Broadspire and Concentra co-funded the project in an effort to share this vital information with employers in an increasingly global community.

Free copies of Work Safe are available from Concentra at http://www.concentra.com/education/health-library.aspx and from Broadspire at http://crawfordandcompany.com/media-center/publications.aspx.

Source: Conentra/Broadspire

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