March 23, 2018

Ohio Restaurant Owner Pleads Guilty to Running Business Without Workers’ Comp

Columbus, OH – Cheryl Brenner, owner of Cranberry Station in Andover (Ashtabula County), was sentenced Oct. 15 in the Ashtabula County Court of Common Pleas for failing to maintain workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

BWC’s Employer Compliance Department attempted to work with Brenner to bring her policy into compliance after it lapsed, but she failed to cooperate and she continued operating the restaurant without coverage. The case was then turned over to the Special Investigations Department Employer Fraud Team.

Following a pre-trial on the charges, Brenner entered into a payment plan with BWC to repay her outstanding premiums of approximately $10,000, and her BWC policy was reinstated.

Brenner pleaded guilty to one count of failure to comply. The judge ordered her to remain compliant, assessed a $100 fine and court costs, and sentenced her to one year of community control.

Source: Ohio BWC SID

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