March 19, 2018

Senn Dunn Insurance Introduces SDProComp+ Toolkit

Greensboro, NC -(BusinessWire)- Senn Dunn Insurance introduces SDProComp+™ as a proactive toolkit to insure the successful management of workers’ compensation risk for businesses. This tool will allow businesses to systematically improve their processes and resource utilization. With enhancement of their workers’ compensation outcomes, there is an overall reduction in the associated expense.

The successful management of workers’ compensation expenses can enable a company to achieve increased profitability and enhanced employee morale, and create an inspired business environment. “We are excited to offer this program to our clients and help them create a systematic approach to managing the risk associated with workers’ compensation claims and expenses, thus becoming more profitable,” says Tim Templeton, President and COO, Senn Dunn Insurance.

“Senn Dunn performed a risk assessment and experience modification analysis and matched us to a best-cost insurance solution. They then identified hazards, and set forth a risk elimination plan and helped us manage the plan to achieve desired results. The addition of a formal claims review and the assistance of a CPCU Claims Specialist ensures that our injured employees received the care needed to return to work. Also, this intervention helps to progress claims to full closure in a timely manner. Other services provided include support and delivery of training to our employees reinforcing the zero accidents safety goal,” says Cathie Lane, Safety Manager, Vanguard Furniture.

Source: BusinessWire

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