June 20, 2018

Key Risk Launches Website for Agents, Insurance Clients and Self-Insured Employers

Greensboro, NC -(BusinessWire)- Key Risk, a provider of workers compensation insurance products and services for employers throughout the eastern United States, recently announced the launch of their updated website. Designed to support the workers compensation needs of agents, insurance clients and self-insured employers, the enhanced website provides an easy to use interface with quick access to information and resources available from Key Risk.

With integrated direct access to resources and applications from Key Risk, including: Essentials Risk Management, Claim reporting resources, MasterKey Connects®, and Small Business Solutions for insurance agents, the new website is a one stop location for agents and employers looking to leverage the overall value of their workers compensation program.

“Supporting our commitment to delivering better outcomes in workers compensation, we are pleased to introduce the enhanced flexibility and resources available from the updated www.KeyRisk.com” said Rob Standen, president of Key Risk.

“Workers compensation can be a complex business,” added Mr. Standen. “Agents and employers need the ability to quickly access supporting resources and pertinent information about their program. Employers deserve value and the enhanced website allows them to navigate to resources specific to the needs of their business.”

In addition to enhanced navigation, the new website includes an updated brand “look and feel” from Key Risk. This new look includes the introduction of the updated corporate logo designed to highlight the strength of being a part of the W. R. Berkley Corporation family of companies.

Source: BusinessWire

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