March 15, 2018

Broadspire Launches New Operations Command Center

Atlanta, GA – Broadspire, a Crawford Company and third-party administrator of workers compensation claims, liability claims and medical management services, recently announced it has implemented a Command Center. The Command Center can help reduce employer’s loss costs by making the claims process more effective and efficient.

The Broadspire Command Center is a Web-based and mobile-enabled tool providing management anytime, anywhere access to updated data that helps it monitor Broadspire’s operations. The centralized data covers multiple countries and access is scalable to hundreds of concurrent users. With information updated daily, managers can proactively manage their inventory, customize views of caseload distribution, identify and prevent potential issues, and optimize outcomes. The visualization of data across units and in relation to business goals at the macro and micro levels can help identify patterns and allows Broadspire to quickly determine if activities are on track or if they need to be modified.

“As an organization, Broadspire’s goal is to reduce loss costs and speed injured employees’ return to work through expert, efficient handling of claims. We continuously develop tools to do so, which helps us deliver superlative service to our clients and ultimately drives our growth,” said Danielle Lisenbey, Broadspire’s chief executive officer.

“By proactively managing claims inventory, we help our clients to get their employees back to work sooner, and this underscores our commitment to service,” says Neil Lentine, chief operating officer, Claims and Medical Management, Broadspire. “The Command Center gives us an immediate, multi-faceted view of our operations and provides insights on how we can provide appropriate resolutions to our clients.”

“Being able to access a clear picture of our inventory daily and apply its related data is invaluable,” continues Lentine. “This capability is key to positively impacting our operations and our performance.”

A presentation on the Command Center can be found here: Broadspire Command Center Presentation (PDF).

Source: Broadspire

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