March 19, 2018

WA Woman Charged with Theft and Perjury in $16,000 Workers’ Comp Scam

Tumwater, WA – An Idaho woman faces felony charges after allegedly receiving more than $12,000 in workers’ compensation benefits and nearly $4,000 for vocational rehabilitation while claiming she was unable to work.

The Attorney General’s Office recently filed charges against Donna Childers-Adams in Thurston County Superior Court. She faces first and second degree theft charges and two counts of perjury – all felonies.

According to court documents, Childers-Adams filed for workers’ compensation benefits in 2008 with the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries saying she was no longer able to work because of a head injury. She began receiving time-loss benefits from L&I in 2009.

She continued to receive benefits for nearly two years, signing 15 verification forms during that period stating that she was unable to work. However, an investigation launched in 2011 by L&I alleges that she was employed by an Idaho tannery the entire time she received benefits.

Court documents show that Childers-Adams signed two more affidavits after her benefits were terminated, seeking an extension of the benefits while still employed at the tannery. Her affidavits allegedly restated that she had not worked since 2008.

L&I said Childers-Adams received $12,342 in time-loss benefits, and the agency said it spent an additional $3,933 on the woman for vocational rehabilitation.

Source: WA L&I

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