June 17, 2018

TechHealth Launches New Website with Live Chat

Tampa, FL – TechHealth, Inc., a provider of software-enabled management of medical services for workers’ compensation, recently announced the launch of its new website at www.techhealth.com. The new site has a live, web-enabled chat feature to give claims handlers, providers, and injured workers access to TechHealth’s 24-hour full time customer service support staff. “Live chat will allow adjusters, case managers, and other parties involved with managing a claim the ability to have their questions answered in even less time than it takes to send an email or make a phone call,” says TechHealth CIO Tim Rametta. TechHealth will continue to offer 24/7 customer service support via phone, email, and fax, as well as EDI claim download.

The new site also offers an enhanced focus on TechHealth’s core programs and services, which include the DME 1-2-3™ program, a DME benefits management program that revolutionized the DME industry by introducing a formulary and substitution program similar to a Pharmacy Benefits Manager, and the PT Progress™ program, a Physical Therapy program integrating the Official Disability Guidelines™ and Peer Review. TechHealth also offers HomeCare-24™, a home health care program emphasizing continuity of care through anytime staffing and discharge planning; TechRx™, a Pharmacy Benefits Manager focused on containing costs through Generic Substitution, Step Therapy, and a robust First Fill program; as well as targeted programs for Diagnostic Testing, Transportation, and Translation services.

“TechHealth’s new website better reflects our organization’s commitment to providing the very best in customer service as well as cutting edge, clinically-based solutions for containing the rising cost of workers’ compensation medical claims,” states CFO Michael Schopke.

Source: TechHealth

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