June 20, 2018

Modern Medical Introduces Opioid Abuse Solution for Workers’ Comp Industry

Lewis Center, OH – Modern Medical recently announced the nationwide rollout of Opioid Defense Manager (ODM). Launched in November 2012 in a test phase, ODM is Modern Medical’s revolutionary managed care program to stop the rising opioid abuse in the workers’ compensation industry. ODM is a proactive, customized program designed to protect employees, physicians and employers by reducing inappropriate drug use while maintaining the necessary balance to provide pain relief for the injured worker.

ODM is a patient centered program which focuses on prevention. ODM recognizes patients who are at risk for prolonged disability, opioid dependence and risk of harm from opioid therapy. Then, Modern Medical’s clinical team collaborate with prescribers to ensure appropriate opioid therapy. Patients also become involved in their care by understanding the expectations of treatment while working toward goals. “It’s very rewarding to make a difference in the lives of our patients. By working with their prescribers, we are helping them to be weaned off opioids and referred to pain specialists,” states Robyn Satterfield , Pharm. D., Director of Clinical Services for Modern Medical.

The announcement of ODM’s nationwide rollout brings some very successful initial results. Eighty percent of physicians are responding to Modern Medical’s interventions. Because of that intervention, these patients and their employers are experiencing a 23% drop in opioid use. Twelve percent of physicians have already begun to wean patients off of opioid therapy. Satterfield states, “When a physician sends back the opioid progress report stating that he didn’t know the patient was receiving opioids from a second prescriber and will stop therapy, you know that ODM is working and improving the care of our patients.”

Opioids are the most common drugs prescribed in workers’ compensation and linked to the highest rate of prescription abuse. With mounting concern of the misuse and abuse of these drugs, the CDC has proclaimed opioid abuse an epidemic Chronic use of opioids can lead to higher medical costs, prolonged disability and unintentional harm.

Source: Modern Medical

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