May 15, 2018

CompWest Partners with Phoenix Risk Mgmt to Write CA Health Care Workers’ Comp

Santa Ana, CA -(PRNewswire)- In an economy where jobs in general seem to be increasingly difficult to find, positions in the health care field continue to grow and are projected to increase significantly over the next decade. According to a 2012 report published by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and Workforce, there will be 5.6 million new health care jobs created by 2020. Fortunately for the workers’ compensation industry, the health care field remains one of the few reliable drivers of nationwide job growth.

The steady rise in employment in the health care industry over the last six years, as jobs in most other fields disappeared, has created an opportunity for expansion for Accident Fund Holdings, Inc. in the health care area of the California workers’ compensation market.

CompWest Insurance Company, part of the Accident Fund Holdings family, recently partnered with Phoenix Risk Management Insurance Services to write workers’ compensation insurance for specific classes in the health care industry. This program targets California operations with an annual premium between $75,000 and $500,000 in a variety of classifications including: residential care for children; nursing homes, convalescent homes or hospitals and rest homes; physicians’ offices; residential care for elderly or adults; and residential care for the developmentally disabled.

CompWest’s focus on sound underwriting, specialized loss control and integrated claim management services combined with Phoenix Risk Management’s significant experience in this particular segment brings tangible value to policyholders to minimize injuries and reduce long-term insurance costs. Additionally, this partnership brings deep focus and expertise to the California workers’ compensation market, providing customers and retail agents a service-oriented, long-term, stable market for the growing health care industry.

Source: PRNewswire

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